The tradition followed by Alejandro Marín Lumbreras has been linked to the Siles for several decades.

My Grandfather, Mister José Lumbreras Romero, acquired the olive farm, located in the heart of the Siles, specifically in the municipality of Siles (Jaén), from where we now produce our olive oil. He taught us the scrupulous and exquisite treatment needed for everything related to the production of a marvelous oil. Therefore, we honor his memory with the name of our oil “ORO DE VAQUERIZO”, dedicated to the name of the farm.

My mother, Mrs. María Magdalena Lumbreras Garau, followed the family tradition by cultivating and carefully treating the centuries-old olive trees from which our oil comes. This gives our Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique characteristics.
Thanks to her, I learned to respect nature and to love working in the fields. Our olive grove continues to give us the fruits that I collect year after year to make our “ORO VAQUERIZO” Oil.

Generations of my family come together in the wonderful oil that is integrated in a bottle that evokes the properties of this ancient product.

I hope that you, your family and your friends enjoy this product as much as I enjoy making it.

Alejandro Marín Lumbreras.

An oil, A family.